Suzuki Carry

Do you need help finding and part for your Suzuki Carry?

Our parts department is ready to help you find the correct part for your Suzuki Carry pick up. The Suzuki Carry is a very popular mini truck and can be seen in many different Countries under different brands like the Bedford Rasal. Suzuki is known for the Samurai and the Side Kick in North America. An English Service manual will help with the process of dismantling the engine or changing and clutch in your Suzuki mini truck. We have carburetor repair kits and new carburetors. No matter what the age of your Kei Truck it is a good idea to keep up with regular maintenance. A Tune up is a must and should include, new distributor cap and distributor rotor as well as air, fuel and oil  filter change. Spark plugs and spark plug wire sets could be old and ready for replacement. The timing belt is made of and rubber compound that will get hard and crack with age. Timing belts and timing belt tensioners should be changed every 80,000kms, the water pump should be changed at the same time. Brake components are critical in stopping the Suzuki Carry, you may want to check the thickness of the front brake pads and rear shoes to determine if it is time to buy new ones. All the Suzuki Carry Parts in one place ready to ship to your door. How could it be any easier to take care or your mini truck.

Axles & Shafts

The Suzuki Carry 4x4 has two drive shafts, one running from the rear of the transmission to the rear end housing. The other drive shaft is in the front and runs from the transfercase to the front differential. The drive shafts have one u joint at either end. The u joint can get loose and may need replacement. There are two front CV axles that connect the front wheels to the front differential. The CV axles have rubber boots called CV boots. These boots can crack or tear and may need replacement.

Belts & Hoses

The Suzuki Carry has a timing belt and tensioner under the front engine cover. This belt drive the water pump, which circulates the engine cooling fluid through the engine block, cylinder head and the radiator and heater core. The radiator can be under the seat or up front by the front bumper in a Suzuki Carry pick up. There are a number of radiator hoses that connect the radiator to the engine assembly.


The braking system on a Suzuki Carry 4x4 pick up is quite simple. The engine vacuum is connected to a brake booster. The brake booster assists the brake master cylinder to push brake fluid to the front and rear brakes. The front brakes could be disc or drum brakes. The disc brake system is controled by the pressure of the fluid to the brake caliper, that forces the front brake pads to contact the front disc brake rotor. This pressure on the front brake rotor slows the truck down very quickly. At the same time as the front brakes are active the rear drum brakes have wheel cylinders that receive the same brake fluid and pressure is applied by the wheel cylinder to the rear brake shoes against the rear brake drum. This action slows the rear of the Suzuki Carry pick up to a stop.


There are a number of cables that control different systems in the Suzuki Carry pick up. The throttle cable is actuated by the gas pedal and controls the movement of the carburetor valve that allows the fuel to flow to the engine. The clutch cable actuates the clutch fork which pushes on the throw bearing, releasing the clutch disc from the flywheel. This action will allow the driver to change gears in the transmission. The gears are moved by the shift cables that connect the shifting lever to the shift forks inside the transmission. The 4x4 or high/low cable allows the operator to shift the 4x4 Suzuki Carry in to four wheel drive from two wheel drive.

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