Subaru Sambar

The Subaru Sambar Mini Truck is very unique. The Sambar has a 4 cylinder water cooled engine. Most Mini Trucks have a 3 cylinder engine mounted just behind the front seat like a cab over truck. The Subaru Sambar has the engine and transmission mounted in the rear low in the frame. The exhaust exits to the rear and the cab is quiet when driving the truck you hardly notice the engines sound. The Subaru Sambar Van uses the same independent front and rear suspension as the Sambar truck. The 4x4 transmission is a six speed. The transmission can be shifted into four wheel drive from two wheel drive while the vehicle is moving with the push button in the center of the shifter. We stock many Subaru Sambar Parts new and used ready to ship to your destination. Our many years experience in the parts has allowed us to develope relations with many parts vendors, this allows us the oportunity to stock many items that other suppliers would have to order from Japan. We try to keep many of the common items in stock so they can be shipped out to our customers the same day.

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